Mount Everest from Kala Pattar - Photograph taken by David Allen during a sponsored trek in 2005 The children Pokhari school - Photograph taken by Raju Tamang

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Pokhari Project

Pokhari School before any work - Photograph taken by Raju Tamang The new Pokhari School - Photograph taken by Raju Tamang

Pokhari village sits at 2000m above sea level and is a two-hour uphill walk from Upallmudi. Pokhari Village School has 145 children currently attending the school and teaches up to Year 8.

Our first project at Pokhari School was completed in 2009 and provided the school with a new four-classroom building.
The existing school building had six rooms but these were small, dark and inadequate for the size of classes. Two of the rooms had been badly damaged in an earthquake. Mud had been used to cover the large cracks but when it rained the roof leaked.

The original building was demolished at the beginning of the project. Any stone that could be salvaged was put aside for the new building. Villagers gave their time freely and dug foundations for the new building as well as carrying supplies to the site. Local builders were hired for the actual construction
The walls, both interior and exterior, were plastered and new wooden window shutters and doors fitted. All the woodwork was treated with weatherproofing varnish to help it withstand the summer monsoon rains and the dry, cold winters.

We are part-funding the salaries of two teachers, as the Nepal Government does not provide funding for all the staff employed at the school.

With funding kindly provided by Shoestring and Koning Aap, local carpenters built 60 sets of desks and benches for the new classrooms. These were completed in 2011.

In February 2011the Head teacher asked if we could help fund the building of two more classrooms. The issue was that a proposed government ruling meant that the school could not stay at its current size (six classes) but had to either contract to three classes or expand to eight. The head teacher argued, and we agreed, that if the school contracted the children would have too long a walk to the next school (two hours each way). He also asked if there was any chance we could build a toilet block similar to the one we built at Goredhunga School, as the school currently had no toilet facilities.

During the summer of 2011 we managed to secure funding for both buildings. Work on the classrooms was completed in February 2012 and the toilet block was finished in March 2012. Both buildings were put into use immediately and during the April school break all the woodwork was weatherproofed. Again, local villagers gave their time freely to help with non-skilled work.

Work in progress at Pokhari School Pokhari School, almost finished
Work in progress at Pokhari School - Photograph taken by Raju Tamang

Pokhari School, almost finished - Photograph taken by Raju Tamang

Children of Upallmudi and Pokhari Schools
Children of Upallmudi and Pokhari Schools - Photographs taken by Raju Tamang